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Terra Thread Zem Mini Backpack | Olive Green - Ethical by Nature  | Fair Trade & Ethical Shop


Bamboo Bowl Flat Fruit Bowl - Small - Ethical by Nature  | Fair Trade & Ethical Shop
  • Fair Trade

    Many of our products carry one or more Fair Trade logo. These are your guarantee that the makers and suppliers of a product follow the fair trade principles across the entire supply chain.

  • Fairtrade

    All of the chocolate and coffee we sell is certified Fairtrade. This ensures that farmers and producers have been paid a fair price, the product is slavery free and doesn't harm the environment.

  • Organic

    Organic certifications apply to most or our food, clothing and even homewares like food wraps. The GOTS Organic Textile Standard also has strict standards around the fair treatment of workers.

  • Fair Wear

    Our entire clothing range is either Fair Wear, Fair Trade or GOTS Organic cotton certified. All of these schemes ensure workers are treated properly and the environment is respected.

  • Indigenous Art code

    Items which incorporate the art of Indigenous Australian artists follow the standards of the Indigenous Art Code, so as to preserve and promote ethical trading in Indigenous art.

  • Recycled

    We stock a large range of recycled and upcycled products. Most of are recycled products are certified to ensure they meet national or international standards.

What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is a system of certification, accreditation and audit which looks at a business's entire operations, including supply chains, to ensure it meets the Principles of Fair Trade. The 10 Principles of Fair Trade of the World Fair Trade Organization (pictured below) ensure products are made without slavery, child labour, discrimination, exploitation, unfair pay or unsafe working conditions, and without harming the environment.

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We're Committed to Fair Trade

Our journey as business began with the desire to change the world for the better through Fair Trade. We apply the 10 Principles of Fair Trade in everything we do. We're active members of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand - part of the global movement supporting fair trade and the regional peak body for the World Fair Trade Organization - and industry partners of the Fairtrade Association of Australia and New Zealand - covering chocolate, coffee, tea other commodities.