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You want to make the world a better place, and so do we! That's why we offer you only the best ethical brands available, many exclusive to us. Browse our large range of eco-friendly, organic, Fair Trade, artisan handmade, cruelty free and recycled items.

Shopping can make a world of difference. Try us and see for yourself!

Our values

Looking good doesn't have to cost the Earth

Every piece of clothing Plant Faced produces is ethically made, being certified Fair Wear, using certified organic cotton, recycled nylon and water based inks.

Slow fashion, inspired by Japan's streetwear culture, and promoting a life free from harm to all life. Look good, feel good, do good!

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Inspiration for your home or workplace

Tibetan Prayer Flags are brightly coloured strings of flags used to adorn buildings and Himalayan mountain passes. They serve as a reminder of some of the most fundamental beliefs held by Buddhists.

Unlike most available in Australia, our prayer flags are Fair Trade handcrafted by women artisans at Manushi handicrafts in Nepal. 

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A contemporary twist on traditional tucker

Native Oz Bushfoods is a proudly Aboriginal owned producer of delicious pantry items using native Australian ingredients. Small batch and hand produced with care in Queensland. Created with both the sweet tooth and savoury foods lover in mind.

With Native Oz Bushfoods, you'll find a range of unique flavours, founded in Indigenous Australian culinary culture.

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Invite a calming presence into your life

Incense brings a peaceful presence to your home, aids concentration during meditation, or can simply be use to make your home or workplace fresh and fragrant.

Mereville Trust incense sticks and incense holders are one of the few guaranteed Fair Trade brands around. Their pure, natural and handmade fragrances are made safe to international standards.

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