Gikomba Carving Cooperative

Handcrafted Jacaranda Wood Giraffe


Stunningly handcrafted giraffe made from jacaranda wood in Kenya. Produced by master carver Richard Kioka who works with a group of Kamba tribesmen (from the Machakos area East of Nairobi) to create these wonderful pieces out of Wild Olive (Oleacea Africana) or Jacaranda. Wild Olive grows throughout East and Southern Africa, and is known to be one of the heaviest woods, it is ideal for carving smaller pieces such as salad servers and bowls with its colour and grain. The Jacaranda is a faster growing bigger tree, more suited to larger carvings as it is a considerably softer wood. In Kenya, carvers must belong to a co-operative to obtain permits to collect wood and market their goods. The Industry is closely managed, providing a sustainable resource for ongoing use. Richard is 38 and works through the Gikomba carving co-operative, he has a young family and is striving to build a good business through his hard work and initiative. Fair Trade made.

Please note that as the statues are handmade, the size, colour and decorative pattern of each one will vary.

Dimensions: approximately 47cm in height.