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Ethical Gifts - Handmade Rattan Bracelet - Pattern

Tanoti Crafts


Exquisite natural rattan bracelets handmade by Indigenous women in remote communities in the highlands of Borneo (Sarawak). Using traditional techniques, and imbued with rich cultural meaning, these bracelets have been made from wild growing rattan sustainably harvested by the traditional owners of the rainforests in the region - home to some of the last hunting and gathering communities in the world and poorest communities in Southeast Asia.

Tanoti Crafts is a social enterprise based in Kuching (Sarawak, East Malaysia) which aims to nurture and progress traditional crafts in Borneo in order to keep artisanal skills alive and support rural and remote villagers to develop sustainable livelihoods through heritage craft.

  • Ethically handmade from natural materials.
  • Natural dyes.
  • Sustainably harvested rattan by the traditional (First Nations) owners of rainforest country in the Borneo highlands.
  • Supporting marginalised Indigenous women artisans and their communities.
  • Unique, beautiful and incorporating traditional ancient designs and motifs.
  • Small sizes only - diameter 6.0-6.5cm - but handmade with slight variation between each bracelet.
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