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Ethical Gifts - Bamboo Bilbi

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The Greater Bilby is an iconic marsupial of outback Australia that once occupied 70% of the Australian mainland and now only remains in remote parts of Western Queensland, The Northern Territory and Western Australia. Tragically, introduced predators like the red fox and feral cats have devastated Bilby numbers and are an ongoing and significant threat to the survival of many of our other native animals.

Save the Bilby Fund is committed to saving the Bilby from extinction by direct action and engaging community support through education and improved awareness. For more information about Save the Bilby Fund and other ways you can help the long term survival of the species, visit

Bamboo Bilby is laser cut in Australia, and is 100% biodegradable (home compostable). You can hang your Bilby with the hemp twine tie. Includes a cute 100% post-consumer recycled Happy Easter gift tag. 100% Carbon neutral through our donation to the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridoor. Earth Greetings donates $1 from every Bamboo Bilby sold to the Save The Bilby Fund.

Bamboo Bilbi

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