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Worry Dolls Australia


Worry Dolls have traditionally been used by Indigenous Mayan women in central America to ease the cares of their children. 


How do worry dolls work? Have your child tell their worry doll their worries, then place it under their pillow to be slept on. As you tuck them in, let them know that the worry doll will help their worries ease overnight, leaving them feeling better in the morning. It's a great way to teach them not to cling to their conerns and that many of life's cares ease after a good night's sleep!


Our worry dolls are guaranteed Fair Trade and have been handmade by Mayan women in Guatemala - the traditional way. No child labour, no modern day slavery, a fair wage, and safe working conditions, and all done caring for the environment. That's the Fair Trade way!

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These delightful Fair Trade Worry Dolls are handmade in Guatemala by Indigenous Mayan women. Traditionally they have been used by Mayan mother's to help soothe childhood worries, giving them to children to place under their pillows before going to sleep only to wake and find their worries have gone away or eased. 

  • Fair Trade guaranteed.
  • Each doll has been handmade.
  • Dolls are about 5cm in height.
  • Please note that for individual dolls, colour will be selected at random.
  • Not recommended for children under 36 months.