Ethical for Real

Shop with a Conscience. Shop with Confidence.

We're here to assist you with your ethical shopping experience. You can be confident shopping with us because most of our gift items come with one or more certifications or guarantees that they were made without harming people or the planet. We do all of the hard work so that you don't have to. 

As a business, Ethical by Nature also follows the 10 Principles of Fair Trade at every level of our operations - from sourcing and importing from our wonderful makers, the electricity that we source, who we choose to bank with, through to making our gifts available in Australia for you to buy online or in our physical store. Read more about us and the way we run our enterprise here.

Ethical shopping should be easy. And with us, it is! 

You'll find one or more of the following logos on our items:


Fair Trade

 The product has been sourced from a charity or enterprise independently verified as meeting the 10 Fair Trade principles of the World Fair Trade Organization or the Fair Trade principles of the Fair Trade Federation. These include both social and environmental principles.


Fair Traders of Australia

The product has been sourced from a charity or enterprise endorsed (audited) by the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand as following the 10 Principles of Fair Trade of the World Fair Trade Organization. Includes both social and environmental principles.



The product has been independently verified as Fairtrade by Fairtrade International. To be Fairtrade, a product must meet the Fairtrade standards at every level of the supply chain. 



Fair Wear

The maker of the product has received third party verification of its business practices by the Fair Wear Foundation. Fair Wear manages brand performance checks, factory audits, complaints helplines and factory training sessions to ensure a fairer textile industry for workers in countries like India and Bangladesh.


Green America

The maker of a product is a Green America certified business, being committed to creating a socially just and environmentally sustainable society.




Ethically Handmade

This product has been assessed by us to have been made following the Fair Trade principles. We assess this from site visits, documentation provided by makers or suppliers, or from the memberships of local/regional Fair Trade associations held and commitments shown by suppliers and artisans.



An item is certified organic by Australian Organic Limited, Organic Food Federation, Oregon Tilth and various Ecocert certifications or standards. Ecocert, with its Global Organic Textile Standard, and Organic Agriculture Europe and Fair for Life certifications is strongly committed to both environmental and social principles making its very similar to Fair Trade/Fairtrade.


Australian Made

The product has been handmade in Australia by a small-medium size enterprise following sustainable practices and safe working conditions. Some of these products also contain Fairtrade and organic ingredients and others are recycled. Many of makers are located in regional Australia and we are proud supporters of "Buy from the Bush."


Made from Recycled Materials

Item has been made largely or entirely from recycled or upcycled materials. In some cases, these products carry international recycling standards such as the Global Recycled Standard. 



The product has been made to degrade (compostable or biodegradable) under ordinary household or industrial composting conditions.


Supporting Sustainability

An item provides a sustainable and quality alternative to mainstream, and often damaging, products, and contributes to a more sustainable future for our planet.