Drop Shipping

We offer two way to drop shipping methods

1. Product Promotion

This is the most common drop shipping method used. You list and sell our products on your website including managing the transactions for sale of the goods. Ethical by Nature will ship the order directly to your customer. You do not own the inventory and are simply promoting it and offering it for sale on your website. Because we purchase and warehouse the stock you are, in effect, selling it “on consignment.”

You are free to retail the item at any price which you wish. We will bill you for the wholesale price of the item plus 25%. For example, if you sell an item for a retail price of $50, we would bill you $25 (the wholesale cost) + $6.25 (our drop shipping fee).

And because we also have to pay for shipping and packaging, you will be charged an additional amount depending on whether the customer requires Regular or Express Shipping. We charge the same as we do for shipping to our own retail customers, using the same couriers, and regardless of the value (we are unable to provide free shipping for drop shipping customers). This cost is something you would need to collect separately from your customers on your store

2. Product Purchase and Promotion

With this second option, you would pre-purchase the inventory rom us fat the wholesale price, but it would remain in our warehouse so save you having to store it.

This has the advantage of avoiding the potential situation where we have already sold an item that you are offering for sale. As you own the stock you promote on your website, you can track it as your own inventory and maintain levels as you require. We would bill you at the wholesale price plus a cost of 15% to cover our costs for providing storage. For example, if you sell an item to your customer at a $50 retail price we would bill you $25 (wholesale cost) + $3.75 (storage and handling fee). Shipping would be managed exactly the same ways as described above.

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If you are interested in drop shipping with us, we would welcome you as a partner. Please Get in Touch with us to find out more.