Discount Code Policy

This policy outlines the terms of use for discount codes which may be offered from time to time to visitors on our store.

We may offer a discount to any of our customers as an incentive to finalise a purchase, to stay on our store or to signup to our newsletter. 

We may place certain restrictions, such as expiry dates, product limits or product exclusions, on our discount offers. 

We only able to allow one 'whole order' discount at the checkout at any one time, regardless of how many discount codes you may have been offered or accepted during a current or previous session on our store.

This limit does not apply to discounts applied to single items, or to items alreayd on sale which will be reduced by the advertised sale price plus the 'whole order' discount amount for a code you have accepted during a session on our store.

Discount codes are issued at our sole discretion and we may change the terms of use for them at any time, without notice.

Last revised: 10 March 2022.