While we offer consignment selling on our Ethical by Nature store, any products we accept for this arrangement at are our sole discretion.

We would set the retail price for such products in order to offer value to our customers and to ensure our existing product lines are complimented. We work as per standard wholesale purchasing + an additional fee of 15% of the final retail price, as a consignment fee. For example, if your product wholesales to us for $25, and we sell it for $50, we would pay you $25 + $3.75 (15% fee) = $28.75.

Any products accepted for consignment selling must:

  • Meet high ethical standards (see below).
  • Be new products (but incorporating upcycled or recycled materials is encouraged) and made to high quality and safety standards (including Australian safety standards, where applicable).
  • And must be consistent with the existing range of products we sell.

In order to be considered for consignment, you would need to demonstrate that a product:

Products made overseas

  • Is from a registered and verifiable Fair Trade organisation, Fair wear business or is GOTS certified, or has been produced by a project run by a NGO, social enterprise, not-for-profit or similar kind of producer.
  • Or is Fairtrade certified, certified organic, vegan or cruelty free, recycled or upcycled, or incorporates upcycled or recycled materials, or has been handmade in accordance with fair trade principles and can be demonstrated/verified to be so.

Products made in Australia

  • Has been handmade or largely handmade (not mass produced).
  • Offers a quality and unique alternative to mainstream products.
  • Meets strict quality and environmentally sustainability standards including around climate change.
  • Has not involved modern day slavery, child labour or any other kind of exploitation in their production.
  • If involving Indigenous designs or traditional knowledge (i.e. Indigenous IP), including the use of plant materials or extracts, it must involve Indigenous business partners or be from an Indigenous enterprise, or have demonstrable and legally defensible permissions from the relevant traditional owners or be verified under a scheme such as the Indigenous Art Code.
  • Is not simply a product reassembled from largely, or entirely, imported materials or components.

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